STARGATE Short-term Scientific Mission 6 in NPEC (WR) by Maryam Bagheri (UCP)

In the framework of the STARGATE Short-term Scientific Mission, number 6 (STSM 6) titled “Netherlands Plant Eco-Phenotyping Centre (new greenhouse, new climate rooms and field phenotyping equipment)”, the UCP PhD student Maryam Bagheri participated in an exciting two-months experiment in the NPEC facilities. In this drought pea experiment, Maryam uses the conveyor system in the NPEC greenhouse to evaluate contrasting genotypes on water use efficiency between 180 accessions, including crop wild relatives / wild peas, to identify “quantitative trait loci” (QTLS) related to the drought resistance genes. Learn more about Maryam and her experiment in the following video.

In addition, take a look of the NPEC 3D virtual tour: