Photonics Workshops on Agri Food

Dr Gerrit Polder will participate in two photonics workshops on Agri-Food.

He will present:

Title: ‘Photonics for measuring plant performance and disease detection’.

Short description: ‘Photonic technology enabled products are frequently used in the agri-food sector to optimize production, to safeguard harvests and to use water, energy and pesticides even more efficiently. The use of imaging and spectroscopy in agriculture and horticulture is a development that has been intensively researched in recent years. This presentation will give an overview of recent developments in which Wageningen University & Research is involved, including photonic technology  used in the newly set up Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre NPEC.’

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Dr Gerrit Polder is a Senior Scientist in Machine Vision and Phenotyping and an active researcher on the STARGATE project. His expertise is in the development and application of spectral imaging for early disease detection, measuring biochemicals in plants and plant phenotyping in general. With STARGATE is responsible for training and demonstration activities with respect to imaging.